Online Journal Subscriptions

Journal subscriptions for members

  • Digital* subscription to full-text articles in The Journal of School Nursing; and
  • Digital and print subscription to full-text articles in the NASN School Nurse.

Articles are located on the SAGE website.

*The print subscription to The Journal of School Nursing ended after the release of the December 2020 issue.

SAGE Member Research Center

NASN and SAGE have teamed up to provide NASN members with access to school health and child health articles from a selection of journals published by SAGE. Articles are available for six months and different articles are highlighted every six months. The Research Center is designed to increase NASN members’ access to current research related to school nursing and student health.

How to access the SAGE website

  1. Register or create a user account on the SAGE site.  This is separate from an NASN site account.
  2. Verify the email address assigned to the account. An email will be sent requesting verification.
  3. Activate your NASN ID.

Visit the SAGE site to register or sign in.  Once registered and signed in, you can activate your account.

Download detailed instruction.

Need support?

If you need support accessing your digital subscriptions, please contact SAGE at Provide your name, the name of the journal you are trying to access, and your NASN or membership ID #.