Uniform data points

An important component of the National School Health Data Set: Every Student Counts! includes the development of data points and definitions for school nurses to collect.  These data points will be developed by the National Association of School Nurses, along with other school health stakeholders.  The plan for development of the data points will include:

  • A list of standardized data points, definitions, and reporting structures for all school nurses to use.
  • Identification of a minimum nursing data set based on school nursing activities to include key metrics that advance policy, describe national outcome measures, and promote predictive analytics to inform best practice.
  • A suggested timeline for when additional data points will be rolled out.

Current data points:

Frequently Asked Questions: Includes due dates and data point-specific details.

Data points definition document: Includes definitions and inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Data points worksheet: Excel worksheet that calculates percentages.

Data points health office visit tracking form: Excel worksheet for health office dispositions and chronic absenteeism.

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Data Points Overview

School Health Staffing

Chronic Conditions

Health Office Visits-Disposition