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Tools & ResourcesSeasonal Influenza    March 25, 2017

Seasonal Influenza


The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older get vaccinated this season. 
School nurses play a key role in getting the word out about flu vaccine.  Stay informed!

Keep Flu out of School
This project targets influenza vaccine uptake for students in grades K-5.   School nurses are charged with engaging teachers and families to increase their knowledge and awareness of the importance of annual influenza vaccination for everyone 6 months and older.  Various communication channels are encouraged, with an emphasis on social media.  
For resources to use in school, visit the project website
Join your colleagues in the Keep Flu out of School online community.  

Fighting the Flu Happens at School!

Fighting the Flu Happens at School!
This booklet contains a month-by-month educational campaign to help the school raise awareness about the importance of seasonal influenza vaccination.  Each month features a vaccine focus, national activities, suggested actions and sample resources.  Download the booklet.  

School Nurses Influenza Vaccination Commitment
NASN and the Childhood Influenza Immunization Coalition, of which NASN is a member, urge school nurses to display this poster in prominent places throughout your school to demonstrate your commitment to protecting your students and community by preventing seasonal influenza.  Download this poster.

Leading by Example - A Commitment to Prevent Influenza
Since September 21, 2011, the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases launched an initiative that calls on community leaders in healthcare, business, education, and policy to "lead by example" by making a commitment to influenza prevention.  Post this commitment in your school.

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What is the difference between seasonal and pandemic influenza? What is a "variant" virus?
Seasonal influenza
Pandemic influenza
Variant (swine origin) influenza viruses  


Hull, H.F. & Ambrose, C.S. (2011).  The impact of school-located influenza vaccination programs on student absenteeism:  A review of the U.S. literature.  The Journal of School Nursing, 27(1), 34-42. 

Jenlink, C.H., Kuehnert, P., & Mazyck, D. (2010).  Influenza vaccinations, Fall 2009:  Model school-located vaccination clinics. The Journal of School Nursing, 26(4 supp), 7S-13S. 

Williams, V., Rousculp, M. Price, M., et al.) (2012). Elementary school–located influenza vaccine programs: Key stakeholder experiences from initiation to continuation.  The Journal of School Nursing, 28, 256-267. doi:10.1177/1059840512438776

Guidance for Schools

Influenza School-located Vaccination (SLV): Information for Planners
From the CDC. 

Public Health Access to Student Health Data

Guidance for School Administrators to Help Reduce the Spread of Seasonal Influenza in K-12 Schools

Tools for the School Nurse

**Continuing Education from NASN**

Visit the NASN Online Continuing Education Learning Center for educational modules in the Vaccine Preventable Diseases category.


From School Network for Absenteeism Prevention. Intended for elementary and middle school. Many resources, facts, and links. Partnered with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Soap and Detergent Association.
Henry the Hand
From Henry the Hand Foundation. Intended for elementary. Information, classroom activities, downloadable songs and video. Some activity sheets and posters in international languages.
Scrub Club
From NSF International. Intended for elementary. Webisodes, downloadable materials, and classroom acitivities.
Scrubby Bear
From Buffalo and Orange County Chapters of American Red Cross and Think Bright. Activities, lesson plans and resources.
Put Your Hands Together - video on handwashing
From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Resources

School-located Vaccination (SLV) Summit – White Paper Published November 2011
NASN, NACCHO (National Association of County and City Health Officials), and ASTHO (Association of State and Territorial Health Officials) co-hosted a meeting November 16-17, 2010 in Washington D.C. focused on promoting school-located vaccination as a societal norm to increase vaccine uptake in particular influenza vaccine.

Sharing Information to Update Immunization Records
Modifications to the HIPAA rule occurred in January 2013.  These modifications enable healthcare providers who are HIPAA covered entities to share immunization information to schools with verbal/email parent permission.  
Read a summary of this modification.
Refer to page 5617 of the Federal Register to learn more.

Families Fighting Flu
This non-profit, volunteer-based organization made up of families who have all lost a child to the flu is dedicated to educating people about the severity of influenza and the importance of vaccinating children against the flu every year.  
Seasonal Influenza
information from the CDC
Immunization Action Coalition
Childhood Influenza Immunization Coalition 

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