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Youth’s Overdose Death Renews Pleas for Narcan in Schools

By NASN Inc posted 03-07-2022 09:56


NASN has advocated for naloxone to be in all schools since 2015 and for school nurses to help educate their communities about the signs and symptoms of substance abuse.

It's a very unfortunate outcome," Linda Mendonca, the association's president, said about the Hartford student's death. “It brings us back to school preparedness and response plans. Having those in place is really critical."

NASN created a Naloxone in Schools Toolkit for school nurses that includes information on administering naloxone and educating the community about opioid problems. The kit has been downloaded from its website more than 49,000 times.

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03-11-2022 14:47

The tool kit is great but never references the need for PPE. If this person overdosed on fentanyl and the rescuer performs CPR without a mouth barrier and/or gloves, the rescuer is then exposed and could potentially overdose as well.