NASN Calls on the President to Include School Nurses in Proposals to Re-open the Economy and Schools

By NASN Inc posted 04-24-2020 09:15


On April 23, 2020, NASN sent a letter to the President of the United States requesting the expansion of school nurses be included in any proposal crafted to help re-open the United State's economy and schools.  Select the image to read the entire letter.

2020 04 23 Letter to President of the United States Requesting Expansion of School Nurses

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It was a wonderful idea to write to President Trump regarding the need for a full time school nurse in every building everyday!
With that said, many nurses are working in a district where there is one nurse to 300-2400 students in a building; many with chronic and life threatening health issues.
For example, I work in an inner city district where two nurses are assigned to a high school with 2400 students and often times, one of us is left alone in the building to cover for a school where the nurse is responsible for 300 students. There is no State Board of Education rule stating what the ratio should be;  it is only suggested. 
Our Union did negotiate for one school nurse in every building but did not consider the acuity of the students or the number of students and staff in the buildings.
The liability for the nurse and the school district in these cases is very high, not to mention the fact that addressing all of the needs for each student and performing state mandated services just cannot happen.
We pray everyday that our students and staff will remain safe, get their basic health needs met and we can go home with a clear conscience. May God bless us all.