Private and Parochial School Nurses

Registered nurses who work in private, parochial, non-public charter, and tribal schools practice in a unique setting, often isolated from other medical professionals. 
To meet their needs, a Special Interest Group (SIG) for Private & Parochial School Nurses (PPSN ) was formed in 1994.  

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Contact PPSN Leaders:

PPSN Leaders

Chair: Cheryl Blake, North Carolina:

Immediate Past-Chair:  Elizabeth Paquette, Massachusetts: 

Secretary: Andrea Dillon, Connecticut:

Membership: Jennifer Servello, Rhode Island,

Awards and Professional Development: Beatrice Benda, Minnesota:

Newsletter: Marie Habershaw, Rhode Island, 

Discussion List Monitor and Community Administrator: Amy Sapronetti, Virginia,

Public Relations: Theresa Hartel, Massachusetts: 

PPSN Outreach

Professional development offered at the NASN Annual Conference.

Articles in the NASN School Nurse published bi-monthly. 

The Outstanding Private/Parochial School Nurse Recognition Award recognizes an outstanding member for significant contributions to non-public school nursing.  

Online Community and Discussion List on SchoolNurseNet

The PPSN Community on SchoolNurseNet enables members of this group to network with their colleagues throughout the year.

When a member enrolls in this special interest group via the membership application or NASN profile, they are automatically given access to the Private & Parochial School Nurses community on SchoolNurseNet.

To opt into discussion list messages from the community, edit your Community Notification preferences in your SchoolNurseNet profile. 

Go to SchoolNurseNet, select Profile, select My Account, select Community Notifications, and then select Real Time mail delivery or Daily Digest mail delivery for the Private & Parochial School Nurses community discussion list.

To become a member of this SIG, choose the SIG when you join NASN or add it anytime by editing your profile. If you need assistance, contact NASN.