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Voices from the Past

The following was written by members of the Department of School Nurses at the National Education Association c.1968


It has always been the ideal of all school nurses who sought the establishment of the Department of School Nurses to evolve an organization that would reflect the desires of the school nurse at the grass roots level. The strength of our organization is directly related to the talents of our individual members.

The Department’s purpose is to provide channels for each school nurse to have a voice at the national level. The time has come for the professional school nurse to determine her professional role. Through the Department and with the liaisons established with other members of the educational team, we will have a voice in our destiny.

Through study, research, and conversations among school nurses the foundations for change can be laid.

Sally R. Williams, Chairman
Beatrice Shaffer, Corresponding Secretary
Ann T. Garber, Recording Secretary-Treasurer
Ruby Wheatly
Rowena McAllister

Department of School Nurses Meeting