Social Security Number No Longer Needed for VSP Eyes of Hope

By NASN Profile posted 10-01-2019 16:59

Effective immediately, a Social Security number is no longer required to use a VSP Eyes of Hope® gift certificate. This will simplify and increase access to vision care for students in need.

The VSP Eyes of Hope gift certificates have been redesigned to reflect this change. Gift certificates will now include a pre-populated Patient ID that VSP network doctors will use to process claims; the partner instructions on the front have been updated accordingly and should be reviewed before distributing each gift certificate.

If you possess the old gift certificate design that includes the SSN field, those may be used until they expire. Your members can call VSP at 1.800.877.7195 before distributing to receive a unique Patient ID to transcribe into the SSN field for recipients who do not have or do not want to share a SSN.




01-13-2020 16:16

When will we be receiving the Gift Certificates? I have not gotten mine this school year.

10-11-2019 10:46

Nancy, have you seen this discussion in the All Member Forum? Your peers are discussing criteria for the Sight for Students program. You can ask a question too if you still have one:
This is my first year as a school nurse. Can anyone tell me the process of how we are to go about verifying the eligibility criteria?

10-10-2019 11:28

Wonderful! I am sure this will increase use in my student population. Thank you.