NASN March 2021 Podcast on Students With Seizures

By NASN Inc posted 05-05-2021 14:56


NASN School Nurse Editor, Cynthia Galemore, interviews author Angela M. McPhillips and Mary Nasuta about the article, "ECHO Telementoring Applied to Managing Students With Seizures: The Benefits for School Nurses" in an NASN podcast. Note that the accompanying article requires a subscription to the NASN School Nurse

Learn more about this article by reading the abstract below, listening to the podcast and reading the full-text article.

Article abstract: Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an evidence-based telementoring approach to connect often siloed school nurses with a network of expert clinical and academic faculty, as well as school nurse colleagues throughout the country by engaging in case-based learning. Managing Students with Seizures ECHO: The Importance of School Nurses (MSwS ECHO) provided two cohorts of school nurses with an interactive, bidirectional educational program focused on various aspects of seizures and epilepsy relevant to school nurse practice. MSwS ECHO enhanced school nurses’ confidence in caring and advocating for students with seizures and epilepsy, expanded school nurses’ access to resources and professional networks, and provided the opportunity to collaborate with experts and colleagues to problem solve challenging real-life cases. The ECHO Model is a unique and effective teaching modality that can be applied to a variety of school health topics and chronic conditions. School nurses are encouraged to participate in forthcoming ECHO-based learning opportunities.